Autumn – Nature’s Teacher

As I was walking in our local park recently I could not help but see the huge piles of leaves on the ground – the true expression of Autumn.

I noticed the variety of colours and how some leaves were comprised of different colours. The leaves were all different shapes as they had fallen from different trees.

The leaves had many different patterns etched onto them which formed from the different colours, shapes and textures. Continue reading “Autumn – Nature’s Teacher”

Thinking about Thinking

Reading a blog about a friend’s experience of cooking something she thought to be original, only to find the exact same dish was simultaneously being ‘discovered’ by a colleague, got me thinking about thinking and the origin of ideas and information.

The example of a ‘new’ recipe being thought of, ‘discovered’ and created by two foodies at the same time, invites the notion that maybe we tune into ideas rather than create them, with more than one of us sometimes catching onto or receiving the same thought. Continue reading “Thinking about Thinking”

Shining Like a Diamond

Since I was sixteen years old, diamonds have deeply fascinated me. Not because of their material value, but because of their unique physical properties and sparkle.

I have learned a lot about jewellery and gems since then ­– about the history, craftsmanship and art of jewellery and gem cutting. I discovered many amazing details over the years, but nothing has ever fascinated me more than the sparkle of a diamond. Continue reading “Shining Like a Diamond”

The Human Faraday Cage

In 1836 Michael Faraday realised that if you build a cage out of certain materials, it would stop most electrical fields from entering the cage. The electrical fields that hit the cage are dispersed and leave the space inside unaffected.

In life, we are not just bombarded by the man-made electrical fields, we are also bombarded by how people act and what they say. We can walk into a room and know there is tension between the people in the room. This is us being able to feel as much, if not more, than we can see and hear. Continue reading “The Human Faraday Cage”

The Real Purpose of the ‘Out There’

For a lot of my life I have been rolling around in the ‘out there’, caught up in the “she said, he said, it’s not fair” illusion of life. Through my observations I feel it’s true to say that for most people the ‘out there’ is their reality and this is where the emphasis of life rests for most.

What do I mean when I say the ‘out there’? Well I mean life, as it’s commonly known. The stories we create, the drama we get caught up in, the pain we feel and the highs and the lows. We roll around from scenario to scenario, totally wrapped up in the detail of the ‘out there’, rarely questioning our part in whatever it is we’re embroiled in. Continue reading “The Real Purpose of the ‘Out There’”

Unconditional Love

We often pretend to love someone without condition, but is this really the case? It starts with falling in love. Well, we can fall into a puddle of mud, but how on earth can we fall in love?

Love is always there, inside of ourselves and everyone else. Meeting someone and feeling a special connection or pull towards that person simply means that we have allowed a space for more love to unfold and become tangible. It is two human beings opening up to let each other feel their essence behind the facade we have often so carefully built to mask what is underneath. Continue reading “Unconditional Love”