We all Say we Want it, but What is Equality?

by Doug Valentine, Peebles, Scotland

I was talking with a friend the other day and we began to talk about equality. His initial position was there is no point in talking about equality as he wasn’t sure exactly what it was, and was convinced no-one else knew, either. He made the valid point that if you asked everybody what equality was, you would get as many answers as the number of people you asked. He added that during his period working in teaching there had been a big push for equality, which in this instance meant that all children should be treated the same, regardless of their abilities or their needs. This led to a situation where the brighter students were held back, which made them bored and frustrated. Meanwhile, the less able students were taken along at a pace that they couldn’t cope with, so lost even more confidence or gave up completely. Continue reading “We all Say we Want it, but What is Equality?”

A Real Communication

By Alan Johnston, Pottsville

During the recent ‘Sacred Esoteric Healing – Level Three’ course presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, something occurred that I am compelled to put in writing, in a sense a contract with myself. Care to witness? Continue reading “A Real Communication”


by Joseph Barker, 35, Graphic Designer, Melbourne

I enjoy simplicity.

When I read something put simply, it is incredibly powerful. When I see a drawing that is simple, it touches me inside. It has a sense of strength. It is clear, direct and easy to understand. So why is it I have let my life get so complicated at times?

I have been working on my CV recently. It’s tempting to say so much – to lie or reinvent. It feels like this is because of fear, a fear of being rejected. To say ‘here I am’ in clear daylight seems risky. What if I am not ‘enough’? Continue reading “Simplicity”

From Spiritual Addiction to Simple Truth

by Bina Pattel, Aged 51, London, UK

My whole life I have been searching for Truth. I always knew my life and the whole world just made no sense.

Here is a laser update…

20’s I got into the spiritual stuff as religion was not for me. I was brought up Hindu, done a bit of Buddhist, Christianity, Catholic Church going and even visited monasteries. It was to find some kind of inner peace to my awful life that I had created.

30’s – I lived a wreckless life, trashing my body through food and alcohol and making lots of money and spending it faster than it came in.

Early 40’s – Still doing the spiritual new age stuff but with serious spending. I sold my house to pay for a £30,000 life mastery course and many other spiritual pursuits including another course that cost £35,000. My goal was to get the certificate at the end and then move on to another workshop or course that was going to “heal me and then others”.

It did NOT work. Continue reading “From Spiritual Addiction to Simple Truth”

Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine – Changing a Culture of Blame

by Tim Bowyer, Age 50, London, UK

In 2005, my wife – Bina Pattel was introduced to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

Up until this point she had done over 15 years in spiritual new age modalities and she always felt there was something missing from these groups. She tried to get me into it but I was very resistant. I eventually went along to one of the workshops but never felt it was for me.

When my wife started doing the Universal Medicine workshops and courses, I thought it was just another modality. Initially when she started doing the workshops she was faced with looking at a lot of her past choices and this was very challenging for her, but she stayed committed to herself and after 2 years I felt so inspired by the changes she had made in her life which had a direct effect on our relationship – I attended my first course. Continue reading “Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine – Changing a Culture of Blame”

Responding to the Call

by Joel L, Western Australia

I have heard the term ‘Responding to the Call’ in a few different settings…..

A leadership group I have been a part of used it; I have heard mainstream religions use it; I have also heard the term used at Universal Medicine. It has been my experience with the latter where I started to truly feel what this is asking of me.

Before Universal Medicine, ‘responding to the call’ meant to do something that someone asked of me from within that group. If an alumni of the leadership group called me, I would be obliged to ‘respond to that call’ because of our shared alumni status, regardless of whether I knew them or not. Continue reading “Responding to the Call”